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Independent sperm tests: optisperm have more than 85% success rate!

“Pregnancies and sperm parameters improvement”
Optisperm was given for 3 months (sperm maturation time) to men with a deficiency in in one or more of the sperm parameters.
The problems which optisperm was given for were diverse: some men had low sperm count, some had slow motility (sperm movement) and some suffered from morphology (shape) deficiency. The bottom line was one: no pregnancies after few months of trying.
All participants were elected and monitored by the stuff of IS Fertility Center. Before using optisperm, all men gave a sperm test that was analyzed. The couples were ordered to carry with the normal routine regarding nutrition’s, sex life etc.
3 months later, all participants summoned for the “after” tests. After the results were analyzed and results reveled:

More than 85% of men who took optisperm as ordered improved there sperm count, motility and morphology.

Pregnancies where shown.

Notice: since sperm take 3 month to develop, it is recommended to use optisperm for at least for 3 months and until pregnancy is achieved.
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